Celebrating 49 Years as Jack Morris Auctions

It has been an interesting, rewarding & enjoyable 49 years in the auction business.


Auction sales have evolved from the very simple cash only, name only experience to bidder registration, computer involvement, ever larger auctions, e-transfers & now online auctions. It was the personal experience at auction sales that were a large part of the appeal and enjoyment for the auctioneer and for the attendees. This we will miss.

We would like to say thank you for the privilege of serving our many customers over the past 49 years. From the smallest to the largest sales, we’ve met many wonderful people who have enriched our lives.

Jack selling a Camero

Jack at a farm machinery auction sale

Harrow Fair Pie Auction with Brad Stannard

As a husband and wife business team we have many associates to thank for their dedication and hard work over the years. Many of you will remember clerks and staff in our early years, our good friend Bev Brown who clerked for so many years, and more recently clerk Debbie Bonneau. They along with many who worked over the years with the various aspects of conducting an auction have been a great support team.

We wish to thank auctioneer Marty Unholzer for his very capable assistance during these past few years. Marty along with Debbie & Paul Bonneau, Nancy Schrade and the few others who filled in as needed, made these last few years very enjoyable. This was a great team, and we owe them a big thank you for their loyalty and support.

When the pandemic locked us all down, we still had several auctions booked ahead.

Dave Jacob of Jacob Auctions very capably and successfully conducted these as online auctions and has continued doing so. A special thank you to Dave and his staff for their professional assistance.

From left to right: Debby, Marty, and Jack

Mauretta and Jack at a winter sale.

It is with great sadness that we close this part of our lives. It has been a great ride.











                Jack and Mauretta Morris